ILDC - International Lift Design Contest

Participation Criteria

Rules of Participation

  • Industrial Designers, Architects, Interior Architects, and under graduate and graduate students currently studying in these disciplines can participate to this competition. Engineers who are not mentioned in the above definition may participate the contest in a team with an industrial designer.
  • Participation in the contest is free-of-charge.
  • This is an international contest. Individuals bearing one of the titles listed in Article 4/a. can participate in the competition by submitting the project and relevant documentation complying with the rules specified in this specification within the designated timeline to Contest Secretariat.
  • Group participation in the contest is also possible. Among the group members, at least one person should bear one of the titles listed in Article 4/a. and the number of group members cannot exceed four (4). The languages that could be used in every kind of correspondence and/or document are Turkish and/or English.
  • Members of AYSAD, IFO, ETMK Executive Boards and competition evaluation jury as well as their employees and first-degree relatives cannot participate in the contest. In case it is found out that the contest participant is in such a position s/he is disqualified, if s/he has won the prize, the prize is withdrawn.
  • Each project participating in the contest should be unique and should not have been produced and/or published elsewhere before or should not have won any award in any other contest before. If any contrary situation is documented the project is disqualified, if the project has won the prize the prize is withdrawn. Any legal issues which might arise are under the participant`s responsibility.

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